I started my career as a designer in digital marketing agencies. Quite soon after trying to make my designs more "interactive", I realized that my passion is actually coding, so I worked very hard to teach myself software development.

Eventually I became a manager while I kept coding. To avoid the Peter Principle, I went back to school and finished a masters in IT Management, while doing some courses on project management and agile methodologies.

After almost 10 years in agencies, I started working directly on tech products, which was a radical change in workstyle and mindset.

Currently I am working at Meta, leading a very talented group of engineers from around the world, learning something new every day.

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  • Engineering management.
  • Project management.
  • Software architecture.
  • Engineering recruiting and interviewing.
  • Tech training for engineers.
  • QA.
  • Strategy and direction.
  • Feasibility analysis.


  • Ninja level


    Semantic HTML, canvas, multimedia, storage.

  • Ninja level


    Responsive, SASS, LESS, Bootstrap, CSS Modules.

  • Ninja level

    Javascript (frontend)

    OOP, functional, jQuery, React, Razzle.

  • Rockstar level

    Javascript (NodeJS)

    OOP, Express, Socket.io, MVC.

  • Mortal level


    MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase.

  • Rockstar level


    REST, GraphQL, RPC.

  • Mortal level



  • Rockstar level


    POO, animations, multiplatform AIR applications.

Other interests

  • Gamer.
  • Traveler.
  • 2d illustrator and animator.